Sunday, January 24, 2010

Immunity? Yeah, I'll take some. Please?

What is up with me catching and holding on to every virus that comes my way this winter? My body really should be more selective: bronchitis, the stomach flu and a head cold are not the three illnesses I'd pick for myself. No, I'd rather just have your garden variety congestion. Or a little runny nose. Even just a belly ache.

But alas, here I am on Day 5 of the third illness, a nasty head cold, and feeling like my entire physical self has been ravaged.

What to do?

There has to be a reason that I keep getting sick. I'm always quick to blame my lack of immunity on my work conditions: dirty gyms, sweaty bodies, close quarters in our pilates room at the club. But I think there might be more to the equation and I'm bound and determined to figure it out.

It can't be my eating because I haven't missed a day of antioxidant-rich food in months. I drink plenty of water. I rarely drink wine anymore. I take upwards of 25 vitamins and supplements a day (I know, crazy!) I get an adequate amount of exercise. I even had a flu shot.

Some might argue that it's lack of sleep that makes me susceptible but I know people who get by - and thrive - on much less rest than I do. Granted, there is a stress component and I probably need to get a little better at managing that but I think I am; at least making baby steps in the New Year.

I'm not one to ignore health issues, particularly when my own well being is at stake. Case in point: the cholesterol issue. I've been taking mucho supplements since I had my initial cholesterol checked and am looking forward to better results later this month (I'm getting blood work done at the end of the month!). So, now it's time to tap into my resources and solve this issue of why winter viruses love to crawl into my body and hang out.

I'll let you know what I find out. In the meantime, here's to good health for the rest of the winter. And no more fevers, sneezes, or coughs please!

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