Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go Get This Book. Now.

If I'm going to endorse a product on this blog, I make darn sure that it's a good one. So, trust me when I tell you that you need to put down what you're doing and GO GET THIS BOOK:

One of my clients recommended this to me before Christmas. I ordered it through Amazon (best price I could find) and had it sent to my mom for Christmas. Now my mom and I are fighting over it and I'm getting ready to order my own copy. It's THAT good.

What I love about the author is that he interviewed dozens of nutritionists and used his own nutrition background to come up with the 150 healthiest foods. It's a non-biased, simplistic and straightforward guide on how to eat.

There are a few surprises in the book. I was happy to find that eggs and butter made the cut! As did beef. Of course, the beef needs to be free-range and organic but given what we're seeing in the news lately, why would you feed yourself or your family anything less than that? Cost is a factor, sure, but there are several other high quality protein sources that are listed in the book.

My goal in 2010 is to get rid of the packaging in my diet. High fiber bread is NOT health food, nor is any other kind of bread. No cracker can be called a health food. A Zone bar is not healthy. Do you see a trend here? Packaging. All the items I mentioned come from a package.

So here's what we're doing at my house. I have my weekly trips to the Farmer's Market for fresh produce. Ben's still eating crackers and bread, but I'm eating the "true" whole grains: oats in the morning, brown rice (with butter!) and quinoa.
We've have homemade cookies, sweetened with agave, in the freezer. The next step is to get off the agave and progress to raw honey. I just bought some at Whole Foods yesterday. It's pretty darn good.

The author uses a star system to delineate which foods he likes the best. We're trying to incorporate more of those into our meals.

If I could buy a copy of this book for all my friends, family and clients, I would. It is just that good.

Start the New Year off right with this easy and informative read. It will change the way you look at food, and more importantly, change the way you choose food for yourself and for your family.

On a personal note, I'm actually really excited about how transforming this information can be. I can already see a difference in my energy level and my mood - just be eliminating the foods that are heavily processed. I love the quote: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." This book presents the opportunity to eat exactly as we should - and to reap the many rewards of making the best possible food choices.

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Briana said...

I'm going to order this book NOW!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I can't wait to get it :)