Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Agave!

Finally, a natural sweetener that actually tastes good! Have you tried Agave Nectar yet? You should...it's great in oatmeal, coffee, baked goods and in almost any food that needs a bit of sweetener. I even add a squirt to B's smoothies.

And you don't have to trek to an expensive health food store to get it. At under $3.00 a bottle, it's a steal at your local Trader Joe's. Unfortunately, at our neighborhood TJ's, they've moved the agave inventory to the bottom, corner shelf so it's often overlooked. This stuff really deserves its own end-cap display!

So what is Agave Nectar? Agave Nectar is a natural caloric sweetener derived from the Agave plant. The plants are in the same family as the Blue Agave, from which tequila is made.

This nectar does not contain processing chemicals. It is definitely not in the Splenda/Nutrasweet family. Even better, because it is sweeter than table sugar, less is needed in your recipes and meals. It can be most useful for people who are diabetic or are simply watching their carbohydrate intake.

In recipes, use about 75% less of this nectar that you would use of table sugar. ¼ cup of Agave Nectar should equal 1 cup of table sugar. Due to its slow absorption by the human body, Agave Nectar works as intelligent caloric food, since it is absorbed according to the body needs.

This week, I'll be making my first attempt to bake with Agave. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, go get some of this yummy nectar and satisfy your sweet tooth in a responsible way!

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