Monday, August 17, 2009

Post Work-Out Beverage Choices

When I finish a work-out, I am usually starving. And grouchy. Lately, I've been grabbing quick drinks to re-fuel after exercising. Here are two good choices:

Organic Chocolate Low Fat Milk (one cup or a small "juice box" size portion)
Milk does your body good, especially following a work-out. Recent research shows that low-fat chocolate milk may help replenish tired muscles thanks to its unique carb-to-protein ratio. Chocolate milk contains both whey and casein protein to feed your body what it needs for recovery. And it's also a great source of calcium and vitamins. Sweet!

Zico Mango Pure Coconut Water
I am really hooked on this stuff. Coconut water is simply the liquid extracted from a young, green coconut, not to be confused with its high fat counterpart, coconut milk. This Brazilian treat has been making a splash in the U.S. as a sports drink because it naturally contains electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium. It's a great drink for non-athletes too because it's refreshing, low in calories and contains only natural sugars. You can buy coconut water at Elliott's or Whole Foods.

It's important to know that taking in too many calories in the form of a recovery meal can undermine the effects of your work-out. A post-workout meal/snack of just 300 or 400 calories, comprised of carbohydrates and protein, is the ideal choice for re-fueling without "over-fueling."

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