Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three Things I Could Not Live Without This Weekend

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling less-than-luscious; truth be told, I was not even registering on the "1 to 10" scale. My son had croup last weekend and I think I caught some kind of adult version.

My Saturday morning yogis showed up at 9:30am for their class and one of my favorite people, Sarah, came bearing gifts. She brought me a book, some Play-Doh molds for my son and a chocolate bar.

I muddled through and managed to teach a somewhat decent class without my head exploding and without my students knowing that my head might explode. Then, I went and dug out my tried and true sick remedy from the medicine cabinet:

I don't care what your doctor, your pharmacist or your mother might say about Zicam. It rocks! I've taken it every single time I have even briefest hint of a cold and this stuff knocks the virus right out of you. I've recommended it to several of my clients and all have had the same experience. The trick is that you have to remember to take it every three hours at the onset of a cold. I'm at the end of Day 2 and there's a marked improvement in my general health. The promise on the label: "Get over your cold faster" is no gimmick; I truly believe in Zicam's magical, healing powers!

After popping a Zicam, I headed straight for bed with my new book:

...and flew through the first 75 pages. OK, everyone needs to read this book. The information in presented by the two gorgeous authors is right on and will absolutely change the way that you look at food and how you choose to nourish yourself. Admittedly, the authors are a bit extreme but they present good health, vis a vis good food choices, in such a straightforward manner that you can't help but take a very long and hard look at your eating habits. The chapter, "You Are What You Eat" is nothing short of shocking. What our country is doing to animals to get them onto our dinner table is downright shameful. And so wrong.

Even if you don't agree with vegetarianism, you will learn a lot from the skinny bitches and you will be very, very glad that you took the time to read it. One thing I didn't know is that fruit - all kinds - is one of the most easy things for our bodies to digest. I always eat my fruit with a handful of nuts but the authors recommend eating it without anything else and to have it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. So I had a pear and an apple when I got up today and I didn't have any, any episodes of stomach upset all day. That's pretty amazing for my belly!
Go get yourself an early Christmas present and buy this book. Once you get past the tough love tone and the colorful language, you'll be making new food choices by the end of the week. I guarantee it.

Into bed, I took with me one heating pad and one chocolate bar:

It's kinda hard to see the name due to the fact that I tore right into it. "Boom Choco Boom" is what this delicious concoction is called. And straightaway, let me tell you that this is no Zone Bar. At 220 calories and 15 grams of fat, with no protein whatsoever, you're not going to want to count on this bar for any kind of miracle weight loss. But if you're like me, and most chocolate bars tear up your stomach and leave you doubled over, crying "Code 3 abdominal pain!" then this bar may be a good solution. There aren't any dairy, nut, soy or wheat products in the ingredients. Rather, the Boom Choco folks have combined just good old milk chocolate and crispy rice to create a sweet, and very tummy-friendly, treat. You can find these at Whole Foods in several flavors. I wouldn't eat a whole bar in one sitting (even post-workout; there just isn't enough nutritional value) but as an after dinner treat, a quarter or half portion is just right.

So thanks to my friend, Sarah, and my beloved Zicam, I'm off to an optimistic start for the week. I'm signing off now to go finish learning how to be a "Skinny Bitch." And to polish off the rest of my chocolate bar. Have a great week!

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