Thursday, December 11, 2008


Generosity is luscious, for sure, both the giving and the receiving. This week, I got to be on the receiving end.

My fitness club director, Judy went to a cooking class and told me about the great and healthy items that she would be learning to prepare. The day after her class, I arrived at the club to find a Ziploc bag of yummy maple and cream cheese muffins in my mailbox. After dealing with a croupy child for two days, these delicious treats were very much appreciated (and pretty much devoured on-site!).

Then, that evening, she called me to ask if she could drop off leftovers from the meal she had made (also from the class). Given the fact that croup basically takes over your life when your child is inflicted with it, I would have agreed to the drop off of almost ANY food item. But Judy is a woman after my own heart and this wasn't just any old dinner. She had shopped the Co-Op after her class and purchased all the items to make Swiss Chard wraps. Feta, almonds, brown rice...all my favorite things rolled up in a healthy Chard leaf. AND, she brought enough for two rather big dinners. It was delicious.

The thing about generosity is that when we serve others, we then give others the chance to serve us. And often times, these occasions come when we expect it the least, but when we need it the most. Thank you, Judy, for knowing what I needed this week and for sharing your warm spirit (and great food!). Big hugs to you!

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