Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Business of Moving On.

I think that one of the greater accomplishments in life is the act of moving on, when it's time to do so.

In the last 10 years, here are some of the ways I've moved on:

I left behind my San Francisco single days for a quiet home life with a small child in Sacramento.

I also left behind a lucrative and insane career.

I entered a marriage and exited the marriage.

I held my child back in Kindergarten and then released him to the big world of elementary school.

I wrote a blog. Two blogs. Three blogs.

In the spirit of honesty, I'm not good at moving on. Moving on generally requires disappointment and sadness. But it also allows for closure, something we don't often get.

If you've read my other blog recently, you've found the story of the first six months of the 40th year of my life. Not pretty.

But it's a great account of how moving on served me well. The whole experience is remarkable to me, because I discovered that through moving on, great things were waiting for me on the other side.

And so I come to this - this blog that has been a great sounding board for my own personal journey through wellness.

It's time for me to move on from this space and create something that is more in line with my core beliefs. A place that supports my values. One that is less whimsical and more direct.

Indeed a new blog is coming. When I'm finished with the creative end, I'll post a link here.

I'll still be exploring the idea of wellness, but I'll also integrate a theme that has become integral part of my life in the last six months in my life.

There will still be luscious recipes, and general fitness tips to help my clients and my students move toward optimal health.

Please check back in the next month for more information.

And best of luck in your own life transitions you move on from people, places and activities. It's never easy but it's generally very rewarding on their other side (I'm living proof, I really am!).

Warmest regards,

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