Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Hair Days

I am often stopped in the middle of my day, generally by a perfect stranger, to talk about my hair. It's not that I have great hair, it's just that my style is distinctive and some might say, a bit edgy. And it definitely meets my "good hair" criteria of being somewhat easy and very current. I also have the ability to go a few days between washing and blow-out also which some might think is a huge advantage while others might be completely disgusted.

My search for the perfect hair stylist has taken me all over Sacramento and has resulted in a huge investment just in hair cuts and some not-so-good outcomes. So I was thrilled, a year ago, to meet the lovely and very talented Natalie at Sanctuary Salon in Citrus Heights. My only disappointment was when she left me to go have a baby and take a few months of maternity leave. I once again made the somewhat painful trek of searching for someone who could replicate my beloved cut and I definitely noticed a sharp decline in inquiries about my hair.

So I'm using my blog today to tout Natalie and to tell you that no, she is not expensive (think $35.00 for a hair cut that she will spend LOTS of time on) and that no, the salon she works in is not pretentious, and finally, you don't need to book an appointment weeks in advance. She's also very sweet, very engaging, and probably one of the most positive people I know in the service business.

One of the things that I love about Natalie most and the trait that I believe makes her a great stylist is the fact that she is honest and upfront about the type of cut that she believes will work for a client. As an example, if you go in and ask for my cut, she'll probably tell you that I have masses of hair and that unless you want to spend at least 30 minutes a day with a hair dryer and develop a huge bicep in your right arm from wrestling with said blow dryer, you may want to consider something a little more of the "wash and go" variety. Or, you can just skip the 30 minutes and go days without washing!

Lastly, I'm not getting a kick back from Natalie by plugging her on my blog; I just happen to think that she's great and I hate to see people disappointed by bad hair cuts.

Here is her contact information:

Natalie Bitz
Sanctuary Salon

The salon is located next to Target on Sunrise, in the Birdcage Shopping Center.

Note to Natalie: If you get pregnant again, I'm going to have to find out where you live. I'll even forgo the magazines to hold the baby while you cut my hair!

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