Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Yoga Class Added!

Effective THIS Sunday - 1/11/09 - I'll be adding another yoga class to my schedule. Please join me at My Yoga Lounge at 5pm for a 75-minute Vinyasa Flow class. All levels are welcome, including beginners.

My Yoga Lounge is a beautiful studio, located in Arden Park, at Watt and Fair Oaks. Unlike the gym environment, the space is distraction free, climate controlled and very much geared toward a peaceful and restorative yoga practice.

Complete details, including pricing and directions, can be accessed at the studio web site:

I'm excited to begin teaching on the studio circuit again and look forward to seeing you on Sundays.

As for other public classes, I'll continue to teach at Del Norte Club on Wednesdays at 7pm (this is a Level 2 class) and two Mondays a month, also at Del Norte, at 7pm (Mondays are Level 1). Guest passes for Del Norte are available for $10.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.



Briana said...

Thas great!! My sister and I are going to try and make it this Sunday.

I just love your blog!!! I have learned so much info. on nutrition in such a short period... Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Things sound like they are great with 'S'... Can't wait to hear more.


heartatpreschool said...

Hi girl!

I have a question for you. Lately, I've been making my own little protein shake for breakfast. Can you tell me what you think of it? Also, any other suggestions for good breakfast shakes I can make?

Here it is!
Frozen bluberries
a banana
about 1/4 cup lowfat yogurt
two scoops TJ's protein powder
some milk